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Religious Education News

Teaching Opportunities

Interested in teaching PRE?

We are currently in need of volunteers to be an Assistant at the Children’s Liturgy. Your responsibilities would include: going back with the Children and the Leader; listening along with kids and monitoring behavior if necessary; informing the Leader when the Priest’s homily is complete to facilitate a timely return to mass; and passing out pamphlets at the end of mass to the children in the narthex.

This is a joyful ministry and one that is easily fulfilled with your regular weekly mass attendance. If you think you could volunteer one or two times a month, please call Gina Cunningham at 757-5337 for more details about getting involved with this ministry.

Regular PRE classes meet Sunday mornings.  Grades 1 - 6 also have classes and on Wednesday afternoons.  Grades 7 - 8 meet Sunday evenings from 5:00pm - 6:30pm.

Confirmation candidates and High School Students are welcome to participate for service hours.

Anyone who comes in direct contact with children must attend Virtus Training.
For more inoformation please call, 754—1204, Ext. 116

Early Childhood Faith Formation

The program is offered during the 9:00 and 10:45 Masses
and focuses on Scripture, music, and basic prayers.
The cost is minimal ($30) a year to cover basic materials.
We want to offer parents the opportunity to come together at Mass
and to expand their children’s understanding of a loving God,
and to help us all grow as a faith community.
Little Church year-round is for all children ages 4-5.
For more information call 754-1204, Ext. 116

Outreach Projects

World Bank

Each week we give our children the opportunity to contribute to the World Bank.  These funds help support 2 families in India and a child in Honduras .  I encourage you to use this as an opportunity to help your child learn to support those in need.  Many parents encourage their children to give to the church from their own allowance.

Food Pantry Support

Each week a different grade will be asked to bring in food for the Parish Food Pantry - in particular, Project Outreach.  During the year each child's grade will participate 3 times.  We encourage you to have your child as involved in this project as possible so as to build a deeper sense of discipleship.  The schedule is listed on the calendar page.  A reminder note will be sent out the week before indicating the food item that is being requested for the pantry

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